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Anniversary Guide

Find your perfect anniversary gift using the Treasure Box Anniversary Gift Guide.

Below is our complete year by year anniversary gift guide showing you the traditional and modern anniversary gifts by anniversary year, and the relevant anniversary gemstone. Simply click through from the corresponding anniversary year suggestions and you are sure to find the perfect gift every time. And don't forget, we can even Gift Wrap your gift for only £2.99>

Anniversary Year Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gemstone Anniversary Gift Suggestions, click the links below.
1st Wedding Anniversary Paper, Clock Gold Paper is the tradition gift for 1st anniversary.  We have beautiful selection of stationery paper notepads and cards. Or if you have a little more time on your hands why not put together a photo album or scrap book with your favourite memories so far.
Clocks are the modern 1st anniversary gift, we have a few lovely clocks for the home or desk online which can equally make a thoughtful gift.
2nd Wedding Anniversary Cotton, China Garnet Take a browse through our Tableware China gifts for a modern 2nd anniversary gift or if perhaps you're looking for a more sentimental anniversary gift have a look at the Circle of Love figurines.
We also have a lovely range of Garnet jewellery if you are keeping to the gemstone guide.
3rd Wedding Anniversary Leather, Crystal Pearls The traditional gift for a 3rd Wedding Anniversary is something leather - we have a large selection of leather handbags and leather wallets either of which will make impressive 3rd Anniversary Gifts!
4th Wedding Anniversary Fruit, Flowers Topaz Our topaz jewellery features yellow and blue topaz so you can choose which to favour for your 4th anniversary gift.
5th Wedding Anniversary Wood, Silverware Sapphire Wood is the traditional gift for 5th Wedding Anniversary, you can find many beautiful wooden gifts with jewellery boxes or why not display a precious moment in one of our wooden photo frames.
6th Wedding Anniversary Iron, Wood Amethyst Amethyst is a beautiful deep purple precious stone and features in many jewellery items.
We also have a choice of wooden gifts if you want to opt of the modern 6th anniversary gifts.  Why not look at our wooden jewellery boxes or wooden photo frames.
7th Wedding Anniversary Wool, Copper Onyx The modern 7th anniversary gift is copper - we have a few select copper jewellery items which are ideal for a unique gift on this special occasion.
If you'd rather opt for the precious gemstone for this anniversary then take a look through our onyx jewellery.
8th Wedding Anniversary Bronze/Pottery, Lace Tourmaline  
9th Wedding Anniversary Pottery, Leather Lapis Lazuli The modern gift for a 3rd Wedding Anniversary is something leather.  Choose one of our leather handbags in their favourite style for an impressive gift for her and select a modern leather wallet for him on your 3rd Anniversary Gifts!
10th Wedding Anniversary Tin, Diamond Jewellery Diamond Diamonds are a girls best friend!  Celebrate your 10th Anniversary by gifting a diamond.  We have a range of diamond jewellery for her all suitable for an extra special anniversary gift.
11th Wedding Anniversary Steel, Fashion Jewellery Turquoise We have plenty of gift ideas to offer you on your 11th Anniversary.  For him we have a fashionable range of stainless steel jewellery. For her, we can offer you an extensive range of fashion jewellery to choose from, as well as a gorgeous range of turquoise jewellery if you want to opt for the traditional gemstone gift.
12th Wedding Anniversary Silk/Linen, Pearls Jade Pearls are the modern day 12th anniversary gift, we have a huge range of feminine freshwater pearl jewellery that will be a pretty gift for your lovely lady.  We also have a selection of Jade jewellery if you want to stick to the tradition gemstone guide.
13th Wedding Anniversary Lace, Furs Citrine  
14th Wedding Anniversary Gold Jewellery Opal The modern day gift for a 14th wedding anniversary is gold jewellery, we have a gorgeous range of 9ct gold jewellery which is perfect for gifting. 
Opal is the gemstone for the 14th Anniversary and is also said to be the good luck stone of love, but only for faithful lovers.
15th Wedding Anniversary Crystal, Watches Ruby We have plenty of options online at Treasure Box for your 15th Anniversary gift.  The traditional gift is crystal, you can shop our Waterford range or look through our jewellery with crystals.  For the traditional gift we have a range of watches.
The traditional gemstone gift is ruby - this gemstone is considered the most powerful in the universe and given as a gift it is said to symbolise friendship and love.  So we think ruby jewellery is the ideal gift for your 15th wedding anniversary.
16th Wedding Anniversary  silverware Peridot We have gorgeous and unique peridot jewellery for your 16th wedding anniversary gift.
Our favourite Silverware gift idea is a silver plated trinket box which can be engraved with a personal message - such a loving thoughtful gift which is a fabulous keepsake for years to come.
17th Wedding Anniversary - , furniture Watches Buy a watch online at Treasure Box to celebrate your 17th anniversary - we have great watches for both men and women.
18th Wedding Anniversary - , porcelain Cats Eye We have a stunning range of porcelain figurines by Circle of Love which are designed for special anniversaries and occasions for loved ones.
19th Wedding Anniversary - , bronze Aquamarine Beautiful aquamarine is said to be soothing and is a pretty blue colour.  This is the traditional 19th anniversary gemstone gift and we have a lovely range of fine jewellery featuring aquamarine stones.
20th Wedding Anniversary china, platinum Emerald 20th Wedding Anniversary gift is China, thankfully online at Treasure Box we have a beautiful choice of china gifts from tableware to figurines.
21st Wedding Anniversary - , brass lolite We have a small but unique range of brass gifts that you could give on your 21st Wedding anniversary along with gemstone Iolite jewellery
22nd Wedding Anniversary - , copper Spinel We have a small choice of unique copper jewellery which are lovely gifts for your anniversary.
23rd Wedding Anniversary - , silver plate Topaz The modern day gift for your 23rd anniversary is anything silverware.  We suggest buying a beautiful silverware keepsake and engraving it with a special message.
If you are keeping a theme of gemstone anniversary gifts shop our topaz jewellery for wonderful ideas.
24th Wedding Anniversary - , musical instruments Tanzanite  
25th Wedding Anniversary silver, silver Silver The traditional gift for a 25th Wedding anniversary is silver - online we have a vast collection of sterling silver jewellery for men and women.
30th Wedding Anniversary pearl, diamond Pearl The 30th Wedding Anniversary gift is pearl, we have a beautiful range of freshwater pearl jewellery ideal to gift on a 30th anniversary.
35th Wedding Anniversary coral, jade Emerald For a modern 35th Anniversary gift for your loved one shop our jade jewellery.  If you're keeping to the gemstone gifts for your anniversaries then shop our stunning range of emerald fine jewellery.  emerald is said to be the sacred stone of the Goddess Venus and is thought to preserve love.
40th Wedding Anniversary ruby, ruby Ruby Congratulations on reaching your 40th Wedding Anniversary!  The 40th Anniversary Gift is a precious stone - Ruby!  We have a stunning range of ruby jewellery for women, perfect for gifting on this very special occasion.
45th Wedding Anniversary sapphire, sapphire Sapphire The sapphire is called 'The stone of destiny' and what a beautiful gift for your 45th wedding anniversary, online at Treasure Box we have a range of beautiful sapphire jewellery to choose from.
50th Wedding Anniversary gold, gold Gold Wow, 50 years together - this deserves a truly special gift and as tradition stands the gift for a 50th Anniversary is gold!  We have a large range of 9ct Gold jewellery for women - choose the style you know she loves for the perfect gift!
55th Wedding Anniversary emerald,emerald Alexandrite 55th Anniversaries are a thing to celebrate - congratulations!  The traditional 55th Wedding anniversary gift is the precious stone emerald so why not take a look through our emerald jewellery!
60th Wedding Anniversary yellow diamond, diamond Diamond The Diamond Anniversary -  What a fabulous occasion to celebrate and you can't gift anything but diamonds!  Shop our range of diamond jewellery to find something to suit your loved on.
75th Wedding Anniversary diamond gold, diamond gold Diamond Gold and Diamond - there is simply no better way than to celebrate a 75th anniversary.  This is an exceptional achievement and one of our gold elements jewellery pieces set with diamond will make a gorgeous gift for your wife.

What is more joyous and heartfelt than giving your loved one a special gift each year to commemorate a wedding anniversary? Traditionally, every anniversary is celebrated by giving a gift made from a different material. It isn't clear when this traditional list came into existence. It probably originated in the Middle Ages when very few people could afford rare stones and jewelry and it evolved over time. But these days, giving paper, cotton or glass somehow doesn't seem to capture the significance of the happiest day of your life.

There is a new tradition gaining popularity, however, and it will please your loved one a whole lot more than paper and glass. Its the growing trend of giving a lasting gift of beautiful gemstone jewellery for your anniversary. Here is a list of gemstones that are quickly becoming the accepted norms to commemorate each anniversary.

If, however, you are a purist and don't want to break with tradition there are other creative ways to satisfy your traditional inclinations with modern flair. For example, you can always tuck a ring inside a leather wallet, tie a cluster of roses together with a bracelet, or hide a necklace inside the pocket of a silk robe. You'll be following time honoured tradition while delivering an anniversary gift that engenders deep feelings for years to come.